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"Cultivating our vines is a beautiful and proud tradition. The source of our family’s inspiration is here in our vineyards cultivated with ORGANIC and AGROFORESTRY methods, on the Montagne de Reims. This is the place where we, Eric, Isabelle and our children, Edgar and Louise, the 9th generation the COULON family, all have our roots."


Le Clos des Terres Soudées «Demeure d’Hôtes du Champagne Roger COULON.»

"Most importantly, our wine has kept its identity over time, revealing both the unique character of our natural environment and its own particular style."

Isabelle COULON


The source of our inspiration

Vrigny... the source of our inspiration

Our family’s enthusiasm and passion for our vines and our wine is drawn from our childhood experiences of treading the soil, smelling the freshly ploughed earth,
--roaming the country lanes and hillsides, -- striding through the vineyards, their slopes and ditches, trudging through the fields lined with cornflowers and poppies, picking the acacia flowers to make the Sunday evening fritters, and of breathing in the delicate perfume of the vine flowers on our way - all in our Premier Cru Terroir right here in Vrigny. Each season brings its own joys!

"Thank you for enabling us to continue our amazing work together!"

Éric Coulon

Vignes du Champagne Roger Coulon

All on stage

"Our Champagne is blessed by the Gods and is the only place in the world to produce this unique wine!"

Isabelle COULON

 "A vineyard like no other …
a richly diverse place and a myriad of plots."


Sunrise in a place of leafy vines

In the vineyard… the Earth's secrets!

The avoidance of chemicals, filtration, finning and the use of indigenous yeasts rank the Champagne Roger Coulon amongst natural wines. Since 2019, the entire vineyard has been converted into organic. The Domaine confirm a natural approach over its --PREMIER CRU and GRAND CRU Terroirs.-- PREMIER CRU and GRAND CRU Terroirs.
Vrigny, Coulommes la Montagne, Pargny les Reims and Villers Allerand are four Premier Cru villages of the Montagne de Reims. Our family vineyard is in a privileged location amongst east-facing slopes on a subsoil composed of soft limestone, Sparnacian clay and Thanetian sand. Meuniers, Pinots Noirs and Chardonnays express their identity over 109 parcels. 26 are over 40 years old. Others, such as our free standing “Les Linguets”, “Les Limons” and “Le Village” are respectively 60, 65 and 82 years old.

An ORGANIC production, but not only... To go further in this natural approach, an AGROFORESTRY viticulture was implemented. This choice enables the soil to be self sufficient without amendment. It strengthens this ecological and sensitive viticulture where plants and wildlife support each other for a happy and healthy vine. 






Une viticulture d'AGROFORESTERIE
Vignes du Champagne Roger Coulon

"A vineyard like no other …
a richly diverse place and a myriad of plots."


In the vineyard, actions respect the natural balance in the vineyard; massal selection, tailored pruning for better yield control, grass cover and natural fertilisation, working the soil, hoeing and weeding… All methods that encourage the microbiological activity in natural production. The golden rule is to adapt to nature without imposing anything. 

"To inherit a place and a Terroir deserves special attention. The vine is another way to express myself; I work the vines as I experience them, with humility!"


Vignes du Champagne Roger Coulon

"A vineyard like no other …
a richly diverse place and a myriad of plots."


Autumn fruits

From the vines to the cellar...

"I take the vines as they are from their past to their present. I see them as a whole and I adapt myself to them. Reducing excessive growth and taking a balanced approach produce truly great champagnes."


Summer evenings last until September.
The summer fades into autumn… --Time for the harvest!-- Everyone hurries to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. Laughing children tell stories and play hopscotch under the twelve linden trees in Vrigny's square. Dawdling passersby observe the resplendent vines.

Rising to the challenge, Edgar crisscrosses the fields and selects the oak barrels. As the excitement grows, Eric walks yet again on paths he has taken a thousand times.
Autumn is coming. Walnut and mirabelle notes from Granddad's orchard herald the harvest. The grapes become a delicacy once more.

The harvest begins according to nature’s calendar, as the morning mist wrinkles the autumn fruit. When the fruit ripens to 11.3°, Eric’s decision is to harvest the grapes at "Les Linguets" first…
--A new vintage--
The grape-picking begins. A superb harvest… this time! Sometimes fate is cruel!
At last, both grape-presses clank into action in the winery ! 
Slowly, the terroir is permeated by the wondrous perfume of crushed grapes. Gradually, the 109 plots give up their yield.
The sweet tang of the juice reveals the flavours of the new vintage!

"The different flavours come from the roots of our vines."

Isabelle COULON

L'harmonie dans le vin, c'est suggérer sans rien imposer.

"Suggesting without imposing creates a harmonious wine."


Within the deep vault the audacity

In the cellar… the passion for wine!

"Fashionable style that does not impede the relationship between the Terroir, the vines and the wine."


The ingredients of our success include: natural yeasts from all 109 plots; slow and spontaneous fermentation; seasons reflected in our wines; measured effervescence; dosage solely in the Extra-Brut and otherwise un-dosed vintages, --the personality of these lively wines--complexity of blending; careful plot selection; avoidance of filtration; no malolactic fermentation; using a perpetual reserve; short or long ageing; a multiplicity of barrels… Our audacity reveals the personality of these lively wines!

Louise, Edgar et Eric Coulon
Raisins Champagne Roger Coulon

The cuvees

Purity in wines...

The Roger COULON vintages are characterised by 2 quite different collections :
--"Référence" and "Empreinte"-- "Référence" and "Empreinte"
Each collection tells not only the winegrower's story, but also the grand story of the Terroir which is engraved in our memories. The soil is sincere, the vegetation is its faithful companion: all the gnarled and twisted vines are evidence of this. There is no aim other than to give the grapes just the right amount of attention, neither too much nor too little!

Between the two collections, the winemaker has created and ensured balance, harmony, elegance, minerality and purity… the very signature of the Champagnes Roger COULON!



The "Référence" collection builds on a wonderful journey, which transmits COULON memories and expertise down the generations.



The Collection "Empreinte", is the authentic reflection of the winegrower. Based on the forces of Nature… "Empreinte" answers the echo of the Terroir and reiterates for each vintage the enjoyment of the seasons!


The 9th generations

Brother and sister, Edgar and Louise COULON, form the 9th generation

"Our wish to share our passion with Edgar and Louise chimes in with our philosophy. The next generation is emerging with questions, ambitions and creativity… The COULON family saga continues !"

Eric et Isabelle COULON


Louise COULON et Edgar COULON

"After my business studies and a MBA in Wine and Spirit Business in Dijon, I experimented winemaking on red and rosé wines during my traineeship at Domaine OTT, in Bandol. --In 2019: back to Champagne.--In 2019, I joined the Champagne Roger Coulon team in the vineyard and in the cellars. Various and enriching tasks enables me to acquire maximum versatility. 
I am lucky to have time to learn, to refine my style, to elaborate Champagne even more closer to purity by reducing dosages and by seeking the perfect content for a wine…"



"During my studies in Viticulture and oenology, in Avize, I assisted and learned from Philippe Pacalet, in Burgundy who guided me toward full harvest vinifications. --A taste for travelling.-- The taste for travelling led me first to Southern England for a harvest. Then, I assisted Tom Schobrook for 6 months, a specialist of natural wines in Barossa Valley, Australia. I also improve my knowledges learning in New Zealand especially in the Martinborough wine region, dedicated to Pinot Noir. In 2016 I joined the family Domaine. In addition to the organic measures already taken by my parents, I introduced a resilient viticulture with agroforestry. My first cuvee is drawn from my travels and my expectations about NATURAL winemaking."



It is all about sharing…

Sharing passion and know-how...
The COULON family welcomes you at the Domaine. 

Look, visit, ask and taste…

From the vines to the wines, this great story deserves to be told!


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